The mask narcissists wear to fool us all
As a trauma therapist, many of my clients come to their sessions burdened with shame, most often the shame of not seeing their abusive partner for who they were right at the start. They tell me that they saw red flags but chose to ignore them, or thought they could change them, or were even […]
What gaslighting can sound like
Gaslighting is a common technique used by abusers to make you doubt your feelings and perceptions. It is a deliberate manipulation that can leave you feeling confused, hurt, scared and can affect not only your emotions but your memory, sleep, anxiety levels and even make you doubt your sanity. Over time, this gaslighting erodes your […]
I wish my clients could see themselves the way I see them.
When I was training to be a psychotherapist we learned a lot about Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR), a cornerstone of person-centred therapy. I didn’t really understand it, it’s a fairly vague concept in theory, it wasn’t until I had hundreds of client hours of experience that I truly felt like I got it. UPR is, […]
What are the benefits of having counselling with me?
Reaching out for counselling is a big step towards taking control of a pain point in your life. Once you’ve made the decision to have professional therapy, great, now what do you do? You can look on the various directories for qualified counsellors in your area, you will find thousands of profiles that you can […]
Letting out the anger, in a controlled and safe way
My teenage son had a voucher for a rage room experience for Christmas last year and I was secretly thinking "pick me, pick me, pick me" when it said he had to be accompanied by an adult. Luckily he did pick me (hurrah) and we made the 230 mile round trip today. I know that […]
National stress awareness day UK
2 November is National Stress Awareness Day in the UK and I have shared some effective self-care tips on my social media accounts this morning: Brighter Beginnings Therapy on Facebook Brighter Beginnings Therapy on Instagram Self-care to reduce stress is great, helping relieve symptoms of stress but getting to the root cause of stress can […]

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